What’s all the buzz?

Bug Chucker is a fun physics artillery game with a whole different galactic gravitational perspective. It's an easy game to learn and a blast to master.

Each galaxy in Bug Chucker has loads of levels. And each level presents a whole new way to look at a solar system. Sometimes you just need to blast through some space debris to get to the Sawz. Other times it’s a bit trickier - as the Sawz shield themselves behind fence-fields, tuck themselves cleverly behind a moon, or plan their attack on the far side of a few planets, suns or even black holes. Don’t underestimate the gravity of the situation, or you might just find yourself in orbit.



  1. Forty-two initial levels in the first galaxy with more on the way.

  2. Graphics, physics, and gravity of astronomical proportions.

  3. Start chucking the Ladybug and move up to the Beetle, the Grasshopper, and the Mosquito - each with their own special skill. And more bugs are waiting in the wings.

  4. Three stars of achievement in each level - and if you can manage higher scores (good luck), you’ll further “shine” your stars.

  5. Game Center and OpenFeint support.

  6. Exclusive “left-hand” mode that allows the device to be flipped to make playing easier for lefties.

  7. Unique dynamic scoring that lets the points roll in until you decide the level is over.

  8. Trouble with a level? You're allowed two skips, so you don't get stuck.

  9. Universal app that takes advantage of whatever iOS device you have - iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


Bug Chucker! In space no one can hear you buzz.