Riven Hint Guide

(Just starting? Here is some History)

Riven has five primary islands. For hints - touch the yellow highlighted text.

  • Temple Island - The island where things start - large gold dome.

  • Jungle Island - Clearcut area, lagoon, village, jungle area.

  • Boiler Island - Small lake in a crater with pipes and a boiler.

  • Spike Island - Enormous stone angled spikes, strange rock pools.

  • Small Island - Hidden, no direct connection, large tree stump.

  • Other Places - If you linked (through a book) you might check here.

  • Extras in Riven - Check here only when you've completed Riven

    This Riven Hint Guide is based on the work of Doug Ingram and his experience exploring Riven. Clues for solving the game are revealed sparingly (to avoid spoilers) based on questions you may have.